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BITS actively promotes research to its students and staff to facilitate innovation. Students conduct research projects as part of their curriculum. For teachers, it's an opportunity to assimilate and disseminate knowledge while also creating new knowledge. Furthermore, BITS has devised innovative schemes to enable professionals at large to conduct research at their workplace while also working toward the Institute's PhD degree.

Why choose BITS Pilani for your research project?

Research is an integral and important part of any higher education system. BITS Pilani actively promotes research among its staff and students. Besides basic research, which is the backbone of any applied research, the Institute also gives adequate importance and support to applied research.

Research at BITS relies on the motivated intellectual manpower pool available among its staff and students. Students undertake research projects as a component of their education program itself. Teachers conduct research as an integral part of their responsibilities since this enables them to assimilate and disseminate knowledge as well as generate new knowledge. Besides this, BITS has devised innovative schemes to enable professionals at large to conduct research at their place of work and simultaneously work for the PhD degree of the Institute.

At BITS Pilani, the faculty are encouraged to publish their findings in reputed journals and present papers at conferences. Support is given to participate in national and international conferences and thereby network with experts from India and abroad. Recently, the Institute has taken steps to provide support to faculty to file for patents if the research is likely to fructify in commercially viable products or processes. During the last 5 years, BITS has seen healthy growth in the amount of funding received from different agencies. While most of these are from the government sector, the Institute through its existing collaboration with industries is trying to involve the corporate sector in funding research projects.

Know more about our research scholars across various departments

At BITS, we position research as an integral part of the curriculum & actively promote it among our students as well as our faculty. Besides basic research, we also give adequate importance & provide support to applied research.

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Ph.D. Topic - Design and Development of a Soft-robotic Autonomous System for Selective Harvesting.

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Meetha .V. Shenoy,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Nitin Chaturvedi,


Ph.D. Topic - Micro/Nano devices

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Arnab Hazra,
Co. Supervisor -


Ph.D. Topic - Exploration of Convolutional Neural Networks and Hardware Implementation of Optimized Network with Improved characteristics

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Abhijit Rameshwar Asati,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Meetha .V. Shenoy,


Ph.D. Topic - Carbon nanomaterial based flexible pressure/strain sensors for wearable electronics

Ph.D. Supervisor - Prof. (Dr.) Navneet Gupta,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Sumitra Singh


Ph.D. Topic - Gallium oxide based devices for sensing applications

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Rahul Kumar,
Co. Supervisor -


Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Satyendra Kumar Mourya,
Co. Supervisor -


Ph.D. Topic - Modeling and Performance Analysis of IRS-Assisted 5G and Beyond Wireless Communication Networks

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Vinod Kumar Chaubey,
Co. Supervisor - Sandeep Joshi,


Ph.D. Topic - Blockchain-based Techniques to Reduce Bumper Harvest and Increase Penetration of Organic Farming.

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. G Sai Sesha Chalapathi,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Vikas Hassija


Ph.D. Topic - Efficient Algorithms for Server-less Federated Learning for UAV Networks (SFL-UN)

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. G Sai Sesha Chalapathi,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Vinay Chamola,


Ph.D. Topic - Non-invasive surface electromyography for muscular activity detection.

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Sujan Yenuganti,
Co. Supervisor -


Ph.D. Topic - Efficient Strategies for Time-sensitive Green Networking in B5G Wireless Networks

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Sharda Tripathi,
Co. Supervisor -


Ph.D. Topic - Design and Development of Smart Community Microgrid based on Cyber-Physical Framework with Stationary and Mobile Storages for Power Balancing

Ph.D. Supervisor - Dr. Hitesh Datt Mathur,
Co. Supervisor - Dr. Puneet Mishra,

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