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Reminiscences from BGM 2023

It was in January 2022 that someone from my team mentioned BGM with an ecstatic feeling I had never seen him talk before. He said, “bhai 12 mahine nahi hai, sirf ek saal hai. Kaise nikl jayega pata bhi nhi chlega”. And I did not realize how that one year passed by. Cut to the last week of December 2022, and the entire team started working towards showcasing the activities of our division i.e. the alumni-related activities.

When we first saw the Birla auditorium, everyone’s eyes glistened, and seeing the banner of the event made our chests puffed with pride, just because we were feeling proud of the alumni and the organizers of the event.

The inauguration speech by the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal, Dr. C V Ananda Bose, was an enthralling one as Dr. Bose advised everyone to have a ‘Vision with Action’. I loved all the events - Campus Connect, Jai Vigyaan Jai Anusandhan, Envisioning India @2047, Fireside Chat with BITSian unicorns: White Tigers of Pilani. However, Zara Hat Ke was a session where the alumni shared their success stories and how they overcame the challenges they faced during their ladder to success.

The musical night was an awesome sight to see where BITSians, their spouses, and children participated with all their JOSH! People like me, despite being from a different generation altogether, who were in the audience were swaying, singing, and humming the songs! That day I realized that old is truly gold, no matter what they say.

What made the event more interesting was the fact that the spouses of the BITSians did not feel bored or left out. Activities and events were also organized for the spouses so they too could enjoy the BGM to the fullest.

I realized that it was worth all the hype, chaos, the overwhelming feeling that everyone experienced.

Fun fact: While standing in the queue to collect my memento kit, I even overheard 2 alumni talking about where the next BGM should be held. The places they suggested were either Bangalore or every BITSian’s favorite place, Pilani.

The organizers should take this as a cue. Looking forward to BGM 6.0 and how!