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Reconfigurable Computing Lab

The lab supports research in the fields of reconfigurable computing and FPGA based system design. Various boards including Vertex-7, Kintex-7and Zync are available. A logic analyzer by Tektronix and an Arbitrary wave generator from Tabor along with   oscilloscopes are also available. Projects in the lab have been funded through BRNS and TCS.

Major Equipment:

  • LOGIC ANALYZER TLA 6403 by Tektronix (102 CHANNEL, 25 GHz MagniVu Timing, 333 MHz State Clock, 8 Mb Record Length).
  • Arbitrary wave generator WW1074 by Tabor electronics (four channel 100MS/s).
  • Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes MDO4014-3 by Tektronix (4 analog channels-100 MHz bandwidth, 16 digital channels, 1 RF channel- 3 GHz frequency range)

Other Hardware Available:

  • High Speed ADC/DAC-FMC151,FMC150.
  • ZYNQ 7000 EPP ZC702 Kit.
  • VIRTEX 7 -FPGA VC707 Kit
  • ON Semiconductor Python-1300-c Camera Module
  • ZYNQ 7000 EPP Kit(Zed Board).
  • VIRTEX 5-XUPS5-LX110T Evaluation Platform.
  • Flexible peripheral modules – Real-time Clock/Calendar, R/C Servo Connectors, ADCs, DACs, 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 2-axis Joystick, Audio Amplifier, FLiR kit etc.

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