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Power Systems Lab


The objective of this laboratory is to enable the students to strengthen their understanding of the Power system comprising of generation, transmission and
distribution of energy and protection.

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Scope of the Lab

This course aims at introducing the students to the hands on experience on basic features of the modern power systems, analysis and operation under steady state and transient conditions.

Application Areas

  • Load flow, Fault analysis
  • Microgrid, Hybrid system,
  • Frequency and voltage stability.
  • Power Quality


PSCAD & DSA Tools Software
23-ph 3 winding Transformer
DC Motor-3 Ph Alternator
4IDMT Over Current Relay
5Static/Electro Magnetic
differential Relay
6Transmission Line Simulator
7Current Transformer Test Set
8Potential Transformer Test Set
9String of Insulators
10Solar PV and Wind emulator
hybrid system with DC micro
11ACE MLBX 1302 T Dspace kit.

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