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Project and Thesis Opportunities

Posted on : 25/06/2024

Opportunity for Students: If any student/intern aspires to conduct high-quality research can email me for Thesis/SOP/DOP/LOP/RP/SAT and do explore working with my group on the following research strands:

  • Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Intrusion Detection Systems for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Digital Twin-driven Structural Health Monitoring Systems
  • Intelligent Context-Aware IoT Healthcare Systems using Digital Twin
  • Intelligent and Resilient Network Control for SDN-IoT-Edge Systems.
  • Smart Fog and Edge Infrastructures for Future Wireless Systems.
  • Modelling Energy Consumption of IoT Devices

Availability of the specific projects will be discussed in person in his office. If you are applying for the projects/thesis, do specify the area of interest, programming skills (specifically in Python and MATLAB), familiarity with the use of software/hardware (Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, etc.), courses, or projects completed relevant to the area. Please note that you must have good programming skills and you are also expected to write a manuscript with me (and not just code!).

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