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Posted on : 21/11/2023

Research guidance for Ph.D. aspirants (Full-time/Part-time): 


Gate/NET qualified, well-motivated, and hard-working individuals are encouraged to apply through proper channel. I accept research students based on his/her interview's performance and department rules and regulations.


Background (essential): Probability and random processes, communication systems, signal processing, network fundamentals.


Skills: Programming in MATLAB (essential), C/C++, Python, plus technical writing (desirable)


Key research areas: 

Terrestrial/satellite communication systems (fifth generation systems and beyond), 

Efficient signal processing for communication (e.g., deep learning/machine learning), 

Cognitive and cooperative Internet-of-Things (IoT), 

Hybrid communication systems and networks.

Guidance for SOP/DOP/LOP/SP (undergraduate): 
Topic-1: EEE/E & I plus M.Sc. (Chemistry/Biology)
Topic-2: EEE/E & I plus M.Sc. (Mathematics/Economics) 
 Well-motivated and hard-working EEE/E&I undergrads (non-dualites) are also encouraged to apply. 

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