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Current Openings

Posted on : 08/07/2024

Commencement: IMMEDIATE (Round the Year)
Contact: Email your CV  and Letter of Intent to  or Directly call on +919549876464
Educational Qualification: M.Sc. in Chemistry 
Projects are Available in the following Broad Areas of Interest:
  • Sustainable catalytic approaches to chemicals from renewable resourcesConversion of bio-based platforms to chemicals of industrial relevance

Following the global trends, tremendous emphasis is placed on the development of sustainable technology routes to chemicals utilizing renewable carbon-feedstock based on biomass-derived platforms such as Agro-residues, CO2 etc. Sustainability is envisioned in terms of obtaining the chemical products of existing value-chain from renewable C-sources linked with biomass harvest cycles, based on the modern biorefinery concept.

  • Green Chemistry Approaches to Industrially Relevant Catalytic Reactions

Application of 'Green Chemistry Principles' to the existing industrially relevant chemical transformations is an emerging area of research having high impact and socio-economic relevance in current times. This highly challenging & dynamic area involves not only development of alternative efficient catalytic routes, but also incorporates studies in industrial viability aspects such as efficient catalyst-product separations, catalyst reuse and catalyst stability etc.  

  • Metal/ Metal complex/ Nanomaterials Catalysts
Catalysts for any chemical process can be essentially diverse based on their individual nature such as (i) bulk metals, (ii) Metal complexes - both homogeneous and heterogenized, (iii) Nanomaterials etc. Development of alternative catalytic routes involve rational design & synthesis (involving organic-inorganic hybrid methoology), thorough characterization and performance evaluations as essential steps in addition to illustrating industrial viability also.

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