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Team IFOR Event1 during STEAM@BITS-Facemask Detection using Tello Drones (23/03/2024)

Under the guidance of Prof.V. Kalaichelvi, EEE department, team members Aadish Jain, Aaditya Singhal, Adit Tewari, and Abhinav Pathak showcased their project on Face Mask Detection using Tello Drones. The Tellobot utilizes a DJI Tello drone with a face mask detection system based on a Haar cascade classifier for monitoring compliance with face-mask regulations. This system allows real-time detection of faces in live video streams captured by the drone's camera as it navigates different environments. The detection process involves capturing live video footage, applying the Haar cascade classifier to identify faces, and distinguishing between individuals wearing masks and those without masks with high accuracy. The demonstration was extremely successful and had a high accuracy rate throughout the event.Additionally, visitors participated in the Drone's Bulls-eye activity, landing the drone in various parts of a large bulls-eye to demonstrate the precision required in handling drones, especially smaller ones. This engaging activity showcased the specific skills needed for drone operation and captivated all participants effectively.