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Team IFOR Event 3 during STEAM@BITS- Mazebot (23/03/2024)

The team members Abhinav Pathak(Team IFOR Leader), Shivani Shetty, Kavvya Rege, Manogna Raju and Mohammed Haroon under the guidance of Prof.V.Kalaichelvi from EEE department showcased their Mazebot.The Mazebot is important in educational and research settings, providing an amalgamation of both robotics and human-machine interaction.The robot contains 3D printed bases that are light and sturdy making the robot easier to control. It has multiple holes that allows one to modify the Mazebot and attach new parts using just screws and bolts. It is equipped with a 360 degree 2D LIDAR( Light Detection and Ranging ) for detecting maze walls and obstacles. The entire project was designed and completed within 5 days. It was made using less than 1000 AED making it a more economical version of the industrial TurtleBot (made in 2010).

 This event was aimed at advancing robotics technologies, as well as providing a platform for the new members of team IFOR to learn more about robotics. It tested the robot’s abilities in different complex challenges such as spatial awareness, speed and latency, as well as the operator’s real time problem solving and critical thinking as he maneuvers the Mazebot. The event at STEAM@BITS not only showcased cutting-edge technologies but also cultivated a spirit of innovation and collaboration among robotics enthusiasts. The event was mainly held for school children (age 14 to 17) in order to engage creativity and curiosity while highlighting the fun and future career opportunities that robotics can offer.