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Team IFOR Event 2 during STEAM@BITS- Intelligent Surface Cleaning Robot IFOR CB-23 (23/03/2024)

The team members Abhinav Pathak (Team IFOR Leader), Shivani Shetty, Kavvya Rege, Manogna Raju, and Mohammed Haroon under the guidance of Prof.V.Kalaichelvi,  from EEE department showcased a demo of their project on Intelligent surface Cleaning Robot (IFOR CB-23) under sustainability theme who won first Prize with cash prize award of AED 15,000 organized by Khalifa University, Dubai Future Foundation and Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai. In addition to their success, the team presented a remote-controlled iteration of the robot within a specially constructed kiddie pool. This prototype was ingeniously engineered to efficiently retrieve floating balls from the water surface, achieving an outstanding accuracy rate of 80%. Notably, the robot was constructed using only 3D-printed polymer and recycled materials such as water bottles, straws, and Tupperware, showcasing their commitment to sustainability.

Impressively, the robot operated continuously for 6 hours without encountering any issues, with the battery being replaced at the end of this duration. Visitors were given the unique opportunity to personally test the robot's capabilities, further emphasizing its effectiveness. The prototype garnered significant attention from the attendees, who were not only impressed but also eager to inquire about various aspects of the project, demonstrating its widespread appeal and potential impact.