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SWE’s Galentine Picnic for Women’s Day @ Diac Park(7/3/2024)

SWE organized a “Galentine Picnic” at Diac Park on March 7, 2024, and celebrated friendship and women's empowerment. Participants, including women from diverse STEM disciplines, gathered for a meticulously organized picnic. The picnic table was adorned with charming decor, enhancing the serene park ambiance. Attendees enjoyed a delectable spread of food and drinks, fostering lively conversations. Creative photo frames were used to capture and immortalize precious moments during the event. The picnic served as a networking platform for women in STEM, facilitating new connections. Participants engaged in meaningful discussions, sharing experiences, aspirations, and challenges. The event emphasized collaboration and mutual empowerment within the STEM community. The Galentine Picnic left a lasting impact, inspiring attendees to continue supporting and uplifting one another in their professional journeys.