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SWE @ STEAM BITS (23/03/2024)

Three activities were played during the event, namely Engineering Etch-a-sketch,Fem Engineering Trivia Spin  and Guess the Dame. ‘Engineering Etch-a-sketch’ was played between two people where one player would pick a prompt from a bag containing words related to different engineering disciplines and would then have to sketch this word using nothing but pictures and doodles. While the other player tried to guess the word prompt in under a minute. The second activity which took place side by side was ‘Guess the dame’ where the player took turns attempting to shoot table tennis balls into paper cups that had pictures of notable women personalities stuck on the bottom of the cup. The player had to then guess the name of the woman whose picture was on the bottom of the cup they landed on. The event went smoothly and was successful. Participants had a lot of fun figuring out the word prompts and the notable personalities.