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Invited Talk on AI for Robotics: Challenges & Opportunities by Dr. Rajkumar Muthusamy

Dr. Rajkumar Muthusamy, a leading roboticist from the Dubai Future Foundation, delivered an insightful talk on the fusion of artificial intelligence and robotics. The session commenced with a heartfelt introduction from Prof V.Kalaichelvi, HOD of the EEE Department. Dr.Rajkumar emphasized the role of AI in enhancing robotic manipulation capabilities for various industrial and healthcare applications. Dr. Rajkumar highlighted the challenges in developing AI algorithms for perception and grasping, as well as the importance of dexterity and precision in robotic manipulators. He also discussed the potential of AI-enabled manipulators in collaborative robotics and flexible manufacturing processes. Dr. Rajkumar encouraged the audience to explore innovative AI-driven solutions in manipulator robotics, paving the way for collaborative projects and internships with BITS Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation in the future. His engaging presentation inspired attendees from diverse departments to delve into research and development in this rapidly evolving field, setting the stage for future collaborations and knowledge sharing.