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Invited Talk by Dr. Ashwini Aggarwal ON KICKSTARTING INNOVATION (27/03/2024)

Dr. Ashwini Aggarwal, the Director of Applied Materials India, delivered a captivating address titled "Kickstarting Innovation." The session commenced with a heartfelt introduction from Prof V. Kalaichelvi, HOD of the EEE Department. Dr. Ashwini engaged the audience with probing questions, showcasing his skill in grabbing their attention. Moving forward, he explored the evolution of the semiconductor industry, underscoring the importance of adapting to shifting business landscapes. Leveraging his extensive industry background, including his tenure at HP, Dr. Ashwini discussed pivotal topics such as timeline management and customer relations. Seamlessly integrating anecdotes and quotations, Dr. Ashwini elucidated the crucial interplay between strategy, culture, and their impact on industries. By incorporating interactive elements like rewarding correct responses, he fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas. Additionally, Dr. Ashwini showcased a compelling video illustrating the transformative potential of teamwork and collaborative ideation in product development. He also shed light on the Indian semiconductor market landscape and his company's contributions, emphasizing key industry parameters such as performance, power, area, and cost. The audience comprised faculty members and Ph.D. scholars from various departments, indicating widespread interest in Dr. Ashwini's expertise.