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Industry Advisory Panel (2022-2024)

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had organized an Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) meeting on February 11, 2023, at campus. The objective of this panel discussion is to seek opinions, counsel, and support from our external stakeholders in order to assist us in offering the best technology and educational outcomes. The panelist were Mr Deepak Bhatia, Vice President of Etisalat; Mr Rafael Fiestas, Vice President of Weidmüller; Mr Rahul Bharathan, Vice President of Bahwan Cyertek; and Dr. Dawood Al Ali, Senior Manager at DEWA.

The department of EEE had instituted industry advisory panels for our programmes of study in order to seek the advice, counsel, and support of our external stakeholders so that we could better deliver our educational objectives;

Feedback and inputs on the structure, delivery, quality, and outcomes of our programmes, facilities, and resources

  • Inputs on academic content, curriculum, industry relevance, and timeliness
  • Additional supra-curricular elements needed to deliver industry- and future-ready professionals.
  • Identification of gaps between academia and industry that need to be bridged.
  • Inputs in strategy and planning for new programmes and reconfiguring existing programmes
  • Advice on industry trends – current and future
  • Advice on industry-aligned research