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Event by Society of women Engineers (SWE) and Women in Engineering (WIE)

WIE (Women in Engineering) and SWE (Society of Women Engineers) of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus conducted a webinar from 6.30pm to 7.45pm on February 9, 2024, to discuss Women’s Self-Care with guest speaker Dr. Mahima Rania, Assistant Professor of Psychology IIT Kharagpur. Dr Mahima Raina received her Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Her research focuses on work family boundary management in the Indian context, with a core focus on occupational health and wellbeing. The event garnered 40+ attendees with the inclusion of faculty members and students alike. The Webinar provided a platform for young minds to delve into the intricacies of self-care tailored specifically for women. The participants posed insightful questions, demonstrating a genuine curiosity about topics ranging from mental health strategies to cultivating healthy relationships in their personal and professional lives. The guest speaker skillfully navigated through the queries, offering evidence-based insights, personal experiences, and practical tools for the students to incorporate into their daily routines. The exchange allowed the students to gain valuable insights and practical tips for integrating self-care practices into their busy lives. Questions were asked about dealing with busy schedules, stress management techniques, the impact of social media on mental health and juggling personal and professional lives. The audience also inquired about maintaining a proper diet and its impact on our health, along with new generational trends and unconventional practices when it comes to self-care. The attendees were able to take away from the points made about it never being too late to take self-care in our own hands, also emphasizing the importance of understanding and prioritizing our time, effort, and emotions, which is great advice. In addition, she encouraged the students to permit themselves moments of failure, which involves extending forgiveness to themselves when such moments occur. A huge thanks to the faculty in charge of WIE and SWE, Dr R Swarnalatha and BITS Pilani Dubai for providing a platform to hold this inspiring event. We also thank the audience for their questions, which helped to make this an interesting and memorable occasion for all of us. We are grateful that Dr. Mahima could take time out of her hectic schedule to have discussion with us.