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AOEE (Association of Electronic Engineers) workshop on “Critical Thinking and Innovation Design using Multisim 14.1” dated 23/2/2024

The “Critical Thinking and Innovation Design using Multisim 14.1” Workshop was held on Friday, 23rd February 2024 in Room No. 303 at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. The workshop was organized by the Association of Electronic Engineers (AOEE) where the main goal was to introduce students to the principles of critical thinking and innovation in designing electronic circuits using Multisim 14.1 software. Dr. Vilas Gaidhane, faculty member of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) department conducted the workshop, accompanied by enthusiastic participation from EEE and ECE students. The event successfully helped to familiarize students with Multisim software and its applications in electronic circuit design. The workshop began with Dr. Vilas Gaidhane providing an overview of career prospects in EEE/ECE fields, setting the stage for the significance of critical thinking and innovation. There was also an introductory session of Multisim 14.1 which offered a basic tutorial on the possible capabilities and simulations of the software.

Following the introductory session, students were actively engaged in hands-on exercises, where they created basic circuits using Multisim software. These exercises served as foundational learning which enabled students to grasp the fundamental aspects of circuit design and simulation. Additional circuit designs were given to enhance the understanding of Multisim software to foster innovation and problem-solving techniques among the students. In conclusion, the workshop was interactive which helped in facilitating exchange of ideas and insights between students and faculty which also promoted collaborative learning. Participants gained practical skills in electronic circuit design and simulation, which are invaluable assets in both academic and professional settings.