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Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Business: The Journey of Mary Winni Sheryl from BITS Pilani to Professional Success

Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Business: The Journey of Mary Winni Sheryl from BITS Pilani to Professional Success 


In the vast landscape of academia and professional growth, there are individuals whose stories stand out as beacons of inspiration for others. Mary Winni Sheryl, an alumna of BITS Pilani (Dubai, 20’) emerges as a shining example of a professional whose journey has effortlessly woven together the worlds of technology and international business. From the corridors of one of the top engineering institutions in Dubai to the global stage of business strategy, Sheryl has navigated a path that not only reflects academic prowess but also showcases resilience, adaptability, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Sheryl exemplifies the epitome of a successful professional whose academic and professional journey has seamlessly integrated the world of technology and business. Her inspiring story, from pursuing a Master's in International Business at Hult International Business School to becoming a proficient Relationship Manager at Europe Emirates Group, reflects her dedication, tenacity, and growth as an individual.

The decision to pursue a Master's in International Business at Hult was driven by Sheryl's desire to merge her technical expertise in Computer Science Engineering, gained at BITS Pilani, with a deeper understanding of global business dynamics. The specialized focus on Finance during the MIB program aligned perfectly with her goal of creating a synergy between technology and business strategy. Sheryl acknowledges the role of faculty members like Dr. Roobal in her journey. Landing a job at Noon E-Commerce with Dr. Roobal’s assistance became a pivotal moment, highlighting the importance of key mentorship in shaping her career path.

Sheryl's roles as a Data Program Executive and Assistant Manager at Noon E-Commerce equipped her with invaluable professional values. Acknowledging her mistakes, she emphasizes the significance of showcasing achievements to management and going beyond job descriptions to grant her an edge in the ever-so-competitive professional world. These experiences have transformed her into a polished leader, laying the foundation for her current role as a Relationship Manager at Europe Emirates Group.

While her technical skills from BITS have been instrumental in previous roles, Sheryl emphasizes the role of non-technical skills learned through extracurricular activities. Participation in the Allure club at BITS provided her with essential people skills, enhancing her confidence and adaptability, crucial for her success in the professional space.

Handling multiple responsibilities can be challenging, and Sheryl shares her strategies for de-stressing. Whether it be feeding birds in Hyde Park during her time in London or attending church in Dubai, she recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal well-being.

Sheryl highlights the importance of maintaining interpersonal relationships, and emphasizes the value of ‘building bridges rather than burning them’. The relationships forged throughout her career have been genuine, extending beyond professional benefits and constructing personal connections through platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Reflecting on her time at BITS Pilani, Sheryl highlights the impactful lesson of not taking things too personally. This realization, she believes, has allowed her to remain unphased from setbacks and changes, contributing to her growth and development as an individual.

For budding data science enthusiasts at BITS Dubai, Sheryl offers valuable advice. She encourages exploration beyond the boundaries of data science, emphasizing the importance of networking, and stresses the need for continuous learning to stay on top of the evolving landscape.

In conclusion, Mary Winni Sheryl's journey serves as a testament to the power of a well-rounded education, the importance of mentorship, and the continual drive for personal and professional growth. Her story inspires the next generation of BITS Dubai graduates to embrace diverse opportunities and navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and business.