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Moheet Vishwas: About expressing and being creative

Moheet Vishwas (Dubai, ’05) is a Sales Manager at Siemens. He previously worked with Johnson Controls and Infratech Controls. In this article, he shares the importance of developing skills, building a CV, and his experience working at Siemens.

BITSian at Siemens and experience

A rollercoaster ride, with peaks and troughs, like it's meant to be. Being a graduate of BITS Pilani, Dubai, provided me with the platform to express myself. During my time at the campus, I realized a demand for talented individuals materializes only when it correlates to the intrinsic value we hold ourselves to. The realization has guided my journey, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My experience working at Siemens has been great. I have learned that there is no bad experience because you can always learn from it. So aim to have good and great experiences.

Balance of hard & soft skills

A mix of hard and soft skills will make all the difference in your career.

To develop your hard skills, be curious and keep learning your fundamentals. You may have to revise them four or five times in your career because technology is growing at a face pace and accelerating development. In addition, the world has changed, and information is widespread and available. So stay connected and keep learning.

Keep working on your soft skills because often, your success is contingent on learning how to communicate effectively, collaborate in a team, make decisions, respect others, resolve conflicts, and develop leadership qualities. Invest time journaling your experiences and create your playbook - a blueprint of success for your future self.

CV building

Keep your CV to the point. Tailor it based on the job description you are applying to and expand your bullet points to match them accordingly. Collect recommendations from your time as an intern. Join and be active in professional communities. Getting certified in the areas of interest will help you showcase skills on your CVs. It's alright not to have work experience for a particular job but be ready to highlight why the recruiter must hire you, so express yourself and be creative.