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Research Lab

Microbiology Laboratory, Microscopy and Imaging Facility

1. Analytical Electronic Balance, Sartorius
2. Autoclave JSAC-100, JSR
3. Autoclave, Presoclave II, JP Selecta, SA
4. BOD Incubator, TS 606/2-I, WTW, Germany
5. Centrifuge, Hettich
6. Water Distillation unit
7. Fume Hood with exhaust system
8. Incubator, JSGI-50T, JSR
9. Incubator, JSGI-250T, JSR
10. Heating Mantle
11. Hot Air Oven, natural convection, JSOF 150 JSR
12. Hot Plate Stirrer, Labtech
13. Incubator Shaker, Innova 42 New Brunswick Scientific
14. Laminar Flow Chamber, Telstar MH 100
15. Microscopes
16. Microwave oven (Panasonic)
17. pH meter 2005, JP Selecta
18. Plant Growth Chamber, Climacell, EVO line
19. Refrigerator
20. Fluorescence Research Microscope, Olympus BX53
21. Shaking Incubator, JSSI 300C, JSR
22. Ultra low temperature freezer (-80 o C), TSE series, Thermo Scientific
23. Ultra sonic pipette cleaner
24. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
25. Vacuum Pump (for filtration), Sartorius
26. Vortexer, Thermo Scientific
27. Water bath, JSWB-22T, JSR.

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