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MarkItUp: It all happened over a phone call!

Saransh Anand (K K Birla Goa Campus ’19) is a co-founder of MarkItUp, a creative digital marketing agency that helps the brands unleash the power of creating content. 

Two roommates were on a phone call during their second-year semester break, discussing one's issue with delivering content to ed-tech clients, when an idea sparked! 

This interaction between Ishan and me became the seed of a fruitful and rapidly growing startup: MarkItUp. With Ishan's expertise in building his YouTube channel and my extensive digital marketing experience, we had the perfect set of skills to take this initiative forward. The primary goal of MarkItUp is to cater to the client(s) that need support to build and grow their brand.


The initial days of MarkItUp were challenging. I was located in a remote village in Gujarat, where I used a mobile hotspot and laptop to spearhead the business. Simultaneously, Ishan relentlessly worked to grow his YouTube channel and contribute to the newly established company. There was also the coursework on top of all this. The arrival of the pandemic boomed the digital space as more and more people started consuming content, thereby increasing the content demand. The essential element to building a company and its reputation is its people.
For hiring talent, we extended opportunities to tier two and tier three colleges by sharing an online form. Since the beginning, both of us have been immutable about using the work-from-home model because of the accessibility to some of the best talents as well as logistical ease.

Hustling in all its glory!

As clients came in, we realized that brand consulting, and management was a recurring revenue source and something we were passionate about. Owing to the rise in the number of clients and the demand for services, we had to skip lunches and classes to ensure that the content and services were delivered at the promised time. These scrimmages led them to recruit full-time employees to take over specific parts like designing and editing but then eventually promoted to overseeing other aspects of the business. 

Recognition & Success

Having set up a successful business and managing time in their respective careers, we were invited to give talks in multiple colleges around India. MarkItUp and our work have also been featured on YourStory. Moreover, we have trained several students to learn graphic designing and digital marketing skills through free webinars and cohorts and eventually land jobs in the field.

Future Plans

In the future, we aim to expand the company and give students across India opportunities in this sector. In our journey, we hope to inspire others to start their dream ventures.