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Shitij Vasist is a dynamic Front-End Developer at Amazon Web Services


Shitij Vasist is a dynamic Front-End Developer at Amazon Web Services, leveraging his education from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. With a degree in hand, he embarked on a journey that led him to excel in crafting immersive digital interfaces. His time at BITS Pilani cultivated a deep understanding of computer science and design principles, setting the stage for his success in the tech realm. Now a valuable asset at AWS, Mr. Vasist's expertise enriches user experiences, reflecting his commitment to innovation. His trajectory from BITS Pilani to Amazon underscores his dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in the world of front-end development.

Could you share your most valuable experiences at BITS Dubai that have contributed to your success in the software engineering industry?

BITS Dubai made me realize that I was passionate about software and might have a future in the software industry. I used to enjoy working on coding assignments and participating in technology competitions (e.g. Code obfuscation). Similar activities and events were already sprouting engineers and reverse engineers in us. Little did I realize back then that my journey as an Engineer had already begun.  

As a Front-End Engineer at Amazon Web Services, how has your BITS Dubai education helped you adapt to the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of technology?

BITS Dubai education taught me that for you to have subject matter expertise you need to have strong fundamentals. Technology is rapidly evolving and the best way to adapt is to dive deep and understand the basics.  

What advice would you give to current BITS Dubai students who are aspiring to integrate cutting-edge technologies into their projects?

My advice would be to ‘Learn and be curious’. We have all the technology and tools available to hone our skills and better ourselves. Most of the cutting-edge technologies understand this and try to promote it by having student tiers and free trials. The best way to learn is through practical application.  

During your time at BITS Dubai, did any course, professor, or extracurricular activity leave a lasting impact on your career trajectory? How did it shape your professional journey?

 Although not directly related to Software Engineering, I particularly remember being fascinated by DECO (Digital Electronics and Computer Organization). The course was structured in a way that we could visualize and practically apply what we had learnt in the classroom. This made me realize that I learn better through successful or failed application of theoretical concepts. Till today, I find means of applying what I learnt through some way or the other.

Balancing academic commitments with co-curricular activities is essential. How did you manage your time effectively at BITS Dubai to engage in both academics and personal growth initiatives?

When you engage yourself in activities you enjoy, time management effortlessly follows. I would always be on a lookout for personal growth initiatives that I would enjoy doing. I have always had a soft corner for Math (yes you heard it right!) and I would participate and volunteer in intra/inter college math competitions.  

Your experience spans various industries and roles. How did the multicultural environment and diverse community at BITS Dubai contribute to your versatility and adaptability as a professional?

At Bits Dubai, you are not only soiled into your degree program, but you are free and encouraged to follow your passion through any means you can find. It is very easy to find and build a like-minded community via events and activities. During these interactions you learn to embrace and respect diverse cultures and varied opinions. You take these learnings with you when you enter industry or start an entrepreneurial journey.    

In your role as a Senior UI Engineer, you mentored and managed front-end development teams. How did your leadership skills evolve during your time at BITS Dubai, and what advice can you offer to students seeking to enhance their leadership abilities?

BITS curriculum does not focus on technical skills alone; it helps develop personal skills as well. BITS Dubai was the biggest stepping stone for me to overcome my fear of public speaking. I remember multiple instances where presentations in front of a large audience a part of the curriculum were. It gave me the necessary push and exposure to overcome my fear. There were ample opportunities for me to learn leadership skills through volunteering in events and eventually organize events myself. There is no one advice that fits all. I think you need to be self-aware and work on honing the skill you feel you lack. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key!