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Karthik Vickraman- BITS to Stanford

Karthik Vickraman- BITS to Stanford

We had the opportunity to converse with Karthik Vickraman, an amazing individual from the Hyderabad campus’ class of 2017 who graduated with a BE in Mech Engineering and an MSc in Bio Sciences. Karthik pursued research at esteemed institutions like the University of Wisconsin, Maddison and the Imperial college, London. And right after his time at BITS, he pursued an MS in ME from the very prestigious Stanford University. And now he’s currently an Analysis Engineer at Tesla Motors, SF. He could achieve all these feats in just a matter of 5 years fuelled by curiosity and determination.

Thanks to amazing professors at BITS who helped Karthik navigate through his interests, Karthik explored as much as he could and went into research. With his horizons expanding far and wide, Karthik started approaching professors abroad. And one such endeavor was his time as a research scholar at the Imperial College, London. These experiences not only enriched his knowledge but also demonstrated the transformative power of international exposure while also opening more opportunities and even more problems to solve which were what kept him going.


As mentioned, Karthik was a dual degree student at BITS. So, along with an additional degree, dual degree students also get an opportunity to pursue both a Thesis and a PS in their final year. And that was exactly what Karthik did and utilized this opportunity to explore his interests and boost his profile. Karthik did a thesis at the University of Wisconsin and his PS II at DRDO, Bangalore. These experiences helped Karthik navigate his career better.

With his well-versed background, Karthik applied for Masters programmes and made his way to Stanford. His admission to such a prestigious institution speaks volumes about his capabilities and the importance of aiming high.While at Stanford, Karthik contributed to the Electric Vehicle industry as an intern at Tesla. And later he went onto work as a Structural Analyst at Holtec International in the domain of Nuclear Energy. Although the two companies contribute to the world in very different ways, what Karthik was doing at both the places was not much different. Karthik's journey highlighted the similarities between seemingly distinct sectors, allowing him to fine-tune his expertise and become a more versatile professional. This helped him hone his skills and get better. Now he’s back at Tesla Motors as an Analysis Engineer.

While it’s important to notice that Karthik’s journey started just like every other BITSians. But what separated him and made him different were his enthusiasm, curiosity and his determination. Karthik’s story serves as an example of how you can utilize your resources efficiently and also how determination can take you places you could have never imagined!