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BITSians’ Day Celebrations

BITSians’ Day Celebrations

BITSians' Day 2023 was an extraordinary three-day celebration held from the 4th to the 6th of August, bringing together the entire alumni community together. Hosted by BITSAA (BITS Alumni Association) and the Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC), a large number of events across nook and corner of the world showcased the spirit of BITSians - togetherness, creativity, and magic amongst students, alumni, and faculty.

The standout highlights of BITSians' Day 2023 was the "BITS: Reimagined with AI" competition. Participants were challenged to use AI image generation tools to create an image featuring the iconic BITS Pilani clock tower reimagined in any movie, historical event, time period, or fantasy world of their choice. The guidelines emphasized maintaining a recognizable resemblance to the clock tower, connecting the submissions with the cherished BITSian heritage. The competition created excitement and creativity amongst the participants, as they eagerly awaited the results, with the submission deadline set for 10th August.


Adding warmth to the celebrations, the BITSAA SVC Chapter organized the heartwarming "Postcard of Joy!" initiative. BITSians' were encouraged to share sweet memories and messages with their friends, juniors, seniors, colleagues, and ex-colleagues. Each heartfelt message was compiled with a photo and physically delivered to the recipients, bridging gaps and rekindling cherished connections.

The Student Alumni Relations Cell played its part in kindling nostalgia with the "NostalgicBITS" challenge. Alumni were invited to share old college photos, tag their campus' SARC account, and recount cherished memories and experiences from their time at BITS. The challenge resonated with alumni, prompting them to relive their college days and connect with their fellow BITSians' through shared memories and stories. The hashtag #NostalgicBITS trended on social media, symbolizing the enduring bond between alumni and their beloved alma mater.

A much-anticipated event during BITSians' Day 2023 was the fireside chat with Mr. Harish Bhat, the Brand Custodian of the Tata Group, hosted by the Student Alumni Relations Cell of the Pilani Campus. Moderated by Simran Moorjani and Samrath Singh Khanuja, the chat offered invaluable insights into brand management, leadership, and Mr. Bhat's latest book, "Office Secrets". Attendees were captivated by his journey from a BITSian to a prominent leader in the corporate world, learning from his wisdom and experiences in nurturing and strengthening the Tata brand. The fireside chat served as an inspiring opportunity for students and alumni to dream big and make a positive impact on society.


In alignment with the event's theme, Rijul Arora delivered a talk on "Navigating Digital Wellness with Gen AI." The talk delved into the importance of digital well-being in today's fast-paced digital world, striking a chord with participants and offering essential insights for maintaining a healthy balance between technology and mental well-being.

The global BITSian community came together in unity and pride with the release of BITSians' Day T-shirts, accessible worldwide. These T-shirts became a symbol of the strong bonds shared by BITSians' across geographical boundaries.

BITSians' Day 2023 also witnessed alumni meetups organized on all six continents, providing a platform for alumni to reconnect, network, and reminisce about their shared experiences and memories. These meetups exemplified the global reach and impact of BITS Pilani, reinforcing the strong connections forged during their time at our institution.