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Research Lab

IMA Laboratory, Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, and Cell Culture Facility

1. Analytical Electronic Balance, Sartorius
2. Bath Sonicator, Branson 2800
3. Biosafety Cabinet, JSR
4. Centrifuge, Eppendorf 5415R
5. Centrifuge, Eppendorf 5810R
6. Centrifuge, Sorvall, ST16R. Thermo Scientific
7. Chemiluminoscence System, iBright750, Invitrogen, Thermo Fisher Scientific
8. CO 2 Incubator, Galaxy 170 R, New Brunswick Scientific
9. DNA/ Protein Electrophoresis Systems (Biorad; Fisher Scientific; Thermo Scientific);
Protein Western Blot System, Biorad
DNA Southern Blot System, Power Blotter, Invitrogen, Thermofisher Scientific
10. Inverted Fluorescence Microscope, Leica
11. Fluorescence Spectrometer, LS 45, Perkin Elmer
12. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR), Spectrum BX II, Perkin Elmer
13. Fume Hood with exhaust system
14. Gas Chromatograph (GC), Clarus 400, with TCD and FID Detectors, Perkin Elmer
15. Gel Documentation system, G:BOX, Syngene
16. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Series 200 UV-Vis Detector
(with Auto sampler Series 225), Perkin Elmer
17. High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPLTC), Desaga, Germany
18. Hot Plate, Magnetic Stirrer, Labtech
19. Incubator Shaker, Innova 42, New Brunswick Scientific
20. Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer, (ICP-OES) Optima 7000
DV (with Auto sampler S10 Series), Perkin Elmer
21. Liquid Nitrogen Tank, MVE cryosystem 750
22. Microwave oven (Panasonic)
23. Microwave Reaction System, Multiwave PRO, Anton Paar
24. Multilabel Reader, Victor X3, Perkin Elmer
25. NanoDrop One Thermo Scientific
26. PCR, Gradient, PeqSTAR, PeqLab Biotechnologie GmbH
27. PCR, PeqLab, Primus 25, PeqLab Biotechnologie GmbH
28. pH meter, PH-2005, JP Selecta
29. Polarimeter, (Auotmatic), Autopol I, Rudolph Research Analytical
30. Refrigerator
31. Reverse Osmosis, euRO RO-DI Water Purification System, SG Water
32. RT PCR, Quant Studio-1, Applied Biosystems, Themo Fisher Scientific
33. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-20 o C), Thermo Scientific
34. Ultrasonicator, QSonica
35. UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, Lambda 25, Perkin Elmer
36. Vortexer, Lab Companion
37. Water bath, Circulating, CW-20G, Lab Companion
38. Water bath, Lab companion- BW-20G
39. Zetasizer, Malvern

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