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I Dream of Movies: BITS to Tollywood

Introduction: Hasith Goli (Pilani, ’09) started as an Assistant Director on two Telugu films. His liking towards the art of filmmaking only grew with time and soon he debuted as a director with Raja Raja Chora, one of the biggest hit films of the Telugu Film Industry. Before stepping into the film industry, Hasith worked at MapMyIndia, MartMobi, Snapdeal, and Freecharge.

Always a Movie Artist at Heart

It was a logical decision as it gave value to the creative urge I had while working in the Sales and Marketing departments of several corporates. I tagged along with my cousin and assisted him in every way possible, right from scripting to shooting to dubbing to the final product. All this I did while working full time in my corporate job. I continued working with him on other projects to meticulously learn the art. I quit my job, and my perception and liking only grew as I started writing my script and sat to break down and build up all the nitty-gritties of shaping it into a watchable cinema.

An assistant director who is making his film will be as meticulous as the director. The only difference is in the vision, which varies from the vision of the director. Adapting the director’s vision and not missing any chance of experimenting with one's ideas is a boon because the director makes the approval and the final decision.

As a director, you have to consider a lot of different factors like, budget, shot making, artist adaptability, location support, and producer confidence. As a director, one also has to make sure that the ideas you and your team have are mendable, presentable, and in sync, with the story, you are working upon. In simpler terms, it is the difference between a first-year student wanting to top a course and a 3rd-year student who settled for a B or a C as a first-year student because he later realized that things won’t be served to him on the platter.

Raja Raja Chora: Served a Hit on the first outing!

The excitement about the script we had as a team made Raja Raja Chora what it is. We survived harsh lockdowns that came right after the first schedule of the shoot was over. The movie faced everything it possibly could before its release with good reception.

Talking about the story of a thief, it’s just interesting to see the humane side in him, not the emotional side but what makes a human think that he can steal/ manipulate/ deceive. I wanted to explore his relationship aspect where he is in a manipulative, illegal, worrisome relationships and that in itself offers good emotional pulp for nice drama. It’s all a mere representation with a tinge of fun and logic.

Script is the King! 

I would leave it to the stories that I write to demand the best artist who can emote them well through their craft. We are preparing to go for the shoot of our next project shortly. We have been working on this script for some time and it will offer comedy, and drama with a dash of fantasy.