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Harshit Agarwal- from CMS to Meta

We had the privilege to converse with Harshit Agarwal, a Hyderabad campus CS grad of the class of 2018. Harshit has left a mark on the tech industry with his determination and novelty. Harshit developed the CMS application, worked for some exciting startups, worked at Microsft, and is currently at Meta, London.

Where it all started:

Harshit took us through his journey to where he is now. He took us back in time to his very first year at BITS. College life and everything seemed new to Harshit, but he tried his luck in coding, which he was not so foreign to. With his interest in coding and finding like-minded individuals, Harshit got into Crux, where he did meet a lot of like-minded individuals and honed his skills. Then came a situation where one of Harshit's friends needed help with some code to run his line - follower robot, and Harshit helped him out. This was the first time Harshit could see his code working and visible to the world. And this fuelled him to develop some very interesting applications, which is how he found his insatiable interest in app development. And one of these gems is the very popular CMS application.

What is CMS?

To brief you on how important the CMS application is for a Hyderabad campus student, here's a picture of a student's bookmarks bar.

Students at the Hyderabad campus now use the CMS application for almost everything acad related. From enrolling in courses to checking their marks, everything happens on CMS.

Further endeavors:

Besides CMS, Harshit also worked with startups, tried some projects, and acted as a consultant to develop further prominent apps. With all these experiences, learnings, and a never-ending curiosity to learn, Harshit managed to crack a summer internship at Microsoft, where he eventually landed a PPO in Paypal, where he did his PS-2. After working for Microsoft for some time, Harshit started to work on his startup idea based on IPL. However, unfortunately, because of IPL's halt during the pandemic, his startup could not sustain itself. However, with these added experiences, Harshit got a Software Engineering role at Meta, London, where he found his place and continued to expand his curiosity beyond borders.

Harshit says he owes everything to a collaborative nature and meeting like-minded people. Additionally, Harshit's curiosity to explore and learn new things was what propelled him to come this far.