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From Chemical Engineering To Taking The Data Analysis Industry By Storm: Kathan Vasani, Business Associate at Swiggy

From Chemical Engineering To Taking The Data Analysis Industry By Storm: Kathan Vasani, Business Associate at Swiggy


Kathan Vasani, an alumnus of the BITS Pilani (Goa,’22) takes the data analysis industry by storm. Currently working at Swiggy as a business associate, Kathan Vasani has accumulated experience in data analysis by working in OYO and interning at Goodera for Data Analysis. Graduating with an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences and a B.E. in Chemical Engineering, Kathan was also a member of the Football Team of Bits Goa. 

Can you walk us through your career journey from BITS Goa to becoming a Business Associate at Swiggy?

I joined BITS to complete my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering. During my academic journey, I came to realize that achieving recognition and success as a chemical engineer required significant time and offered limited financial prospects in India. Realizing this, I decided to explore alternative industries. During the placement process, I discovered my interest in data analysis. In June 2022, I secured a position at OYO Rooms, where I encountered a supportive network that pushed my career in analytics forward. Subsequently, I transitioned to Swiggy, where I currently work as a Business Associate. 

How did you discover your interest in business analysis, and what steps did you take to pursue this career path?

For me, the insight part of analytics has always captured my interest, as I have a natural inclination towards numbers and logical reasoning. In terms of steps taken to pursue this career path, I applied for internships that focused on data analysis, allowing me to explore and hone my skills in data analysis.

Were there any challenges you faced during your transition from college to the professional world, and how did you overcome them?

Regarding challenges, I believe that during internships, there was a lack of sufficient exposure to utilizing data and interpreting metrics. I think this is a crucial aspect that all students should know. Understanding the meaning of metrics and how to effectively use them requires a significant amount of time. Additionally, there's the necessity to learn skills on the go and meet the specific demands of the company. However, once you get a grip on handling data and metrics, data analysis becomes a really satisfying job.

How has the food delivery industry evolved since you started your career, and how have these changes influenced your role?

Since the beginning of my career, food delivery has changed a lot. Basically from the beginning clients used to order food from a place “x”. This “x”, initially as restaurants, has changed and now includes other parts like cloud kitchens. It has given players the opportunity to start things with minimum investments and build a business. Such businesses have become very good competitors in delivery. Now, these cloud kitchens are growing at a great pace, so it has given opportunity to all these people in terms of food.

Secondly, looking at Instamart, Swiggy Instamart not only delivers groceries and others but also gives a place for small players like, “the whole truth” or “open secret” and “Snackible”. Swiggy Instamart has also given a place for small players to compete with traditional brands, changing the food industry

How can students make the most of their time at BITS to prepare for a successful career in business analysis or a related field?

Interning at data-driven giants like Oyo and Swiggy was eye-opening. The emphasis on analytics is immense, offering an ideal environment for those aspiring to dive into this field. Proficiency in Python, Excel, and SQL are a must, as these tools are integral for data analysis and interpretation.

At Oyo, I worked closely with high-ranking executives, including the Chief Revenue Officer, showcasing the company's commitment to a data-driven approach. I played a role in preparing weekly data for meetings with influential figures like Ritesh Agarwal.

These experiences not only provided a deep understanding of real-world data challenges but also set a solid foundation for a rewarding career in analytics. If you're passionate about data, interning in such companies is a game-changer.