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From BITS to Web3: Journey of Taaha Nizam, Co-Founder and CEO of HashCase

Introduction: Taaha Nizam (K. K. Birla Goa Campus ’17) is the CEO of HashCase, that makes, presents and distributes digital assets to non-web audience. He is also the Advisor at Verdana, and helps in tracking and managing carbon emissions. 

Having always been interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, I had an NFT project in college that became globally prominent in my 3rd year. Upon having a successful exit in my final year, I began my career as ‘Head of Blockchain’ in a Hong Kong based company in the sustainability sector. I rubbed shoulders with the best innovators and understood that it isn’t about what you can create, but the impact your projects can create.

How Hashcase came about?

Gaining exposure to Green-Tech, and understanding the complicated workings of Carbon Credits really opened my eyes to the way sustainability and climate change can be addressed, and perhaps why it has proved tricky to navigate in the past. We used blockchain technology to solve this problem only to realise that the adoption of newer technologies also require a means for their distribution to the masses.

This led to the formation of HashCase in August 2022. Along with some juniors from my alma mater, we began solving for not just the innovation in web3, but also for its distribution. Thereby creating a platform that not only enables brands and enterprises to launch digital assets, but also allows their users to be on-board without having to create a web3 account. In doing so, we solved for a greater problem, and were therefore able to find relevance in a crowded sector.

Hashcase’s Positioning

HashCase positions itself as a B2B no-code platform from which you can launch NFT campaigns, access in depth analytics and success metrics, and manage your community within your own ecosystem (using our API’s). As a user, it allows you to access web3 assets like NFTs without creating your own web3 account. It also allows you to store and display assets across various blockchain platforms in one place.

A BITSian in need is a BITSian indeed!

My journey was by no means an easy one, but it was made possible because of the institute, I am from. Plenty of seniors helped me (as they continue to do) validate my idea, structure our organisation, meet the relevant people, and find investors. I was able to get access to top talent within our college itself, knowing that I can trust the quality and commitment of those involved as I too have been in their shoes. As a founder, it gave me a great starting point from which to accelerate our careers together.

I take pride in helping grow the BITS Pilani Entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing opportunities to interested students, as well as mentoring and inspiring them where I can. We all rise together.