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Flying High, Still Deeply Grounded!

Sqn Ldr Supriya Bhosale (Retd.) (Pilani, ’18) served as an Aeronautical Engineering Officer in the Indian Air Force and now working as DSGS Program Directorate and CSR Leader in the Dassault Systemes. Below she talks about her journey in the IAF and DS, her fascination with the aviation field, and her most cherished achievement to date.

Indian Air Force & Dassault Systemes

I did Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering. I was commissioned in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 2011, and was amongst the first women officers to have been trained in the fighter aircraft stream. I was also the first to be posted as a Specialist Engineering Officer to the elite strategic establishment of IAF. After this, I was posted as Aircraft Propulsion and Structure instructor at the Tri-Services Base, Pune. Throughout my journey in IAF, I went through aviation management, strategic planning, program management, indigenization, defense procurement, forecasting, and human resource development. It was an absolute honor to be part of the IAF and serve the nation.

After the completion of my Short Service Commission, I joined Dassault Systemes Global Services in August 2021. Here I am heading the Program Directorate function along with direct CSR programs. I lead a team of Quality and Project Managers and focus on process improvement, strengthening project governance, talent building, integration of new brands and value centric organizational transformation.

Challenging Attitude of the Defense Personnel

Being in aviation comes with inherent challenges and risks throughout the tasks that we perform because there are credible consequences to human life. So a major challenge is getting everything right, every time and this is where the golden principles of leadership, teamwork, and striving for excellence come into picture. It is part of our continuous training and everyday life in general in military aviation.

To overcome risks, there is a famous quote in the military: The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war! This is something that is applicable in every field. The readier you are through consistent practice and simulated challenges, the fewer actual risks and challenges surprise you and that is something that has kept me going.

Fascination & Excitement

There have been many exciting moments starting from our intense ab initio Training at Academies where we were made to surpass the extremes of physical endurance by forcing our minds to the extremes!

Following commissioning, there was never a dull day when I was handling some of the best flying machines and huge teams of technical staff in the most dynamic world of aviation.

Success Mantra

Little but consistent improvement in every aspect of work and life has always held me in good stead. This coupled with the honesty of purpose, sincerity of effort, and working as a team has been my mantra to overcome challenges and see quantifiable results in general.

Cherished Achievement

My most cherished achievement has been to serve the Nation as an Air Warrior dawning the Air Force uniform, and now being in the thick of technology that is actually shaping the future. In my personal life, I feel being a mother of a most adorable two-year-old has given me absolute satisfaction every single moment of my waking life.