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Fluid Flow Laboratory


Name of the EquipmentMake
Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus (With Stainless Steel Tanks)D.K. Scientific
Losses due to Friction In Pipe Lines (With Stainless Steel Tanks)Mass International
Losses due to Pipe Fittings, Sudden Enlargement & Contraction (With Stainless Steel Tanks)Mass International
Discharge Through Venturimeter, Orifice meter & Rotameter (With Stainless Steel Tank)Mass International
Pitot Tube Setup (With Stainless Steel Tank)Mass International
Equivalent Length of Pipe FittingsD.K. Scientific
Pressure Drop Through Packed BedMass International
Hydrodynamics of Packed BedMass International
Fluidized Bed Characteristics (For Liquid)Mass International
Fluidized Bed Characteristics (For Gas)Mass International
Drag Coefficient ApparatusMass International
Pressure Drop in Two Phase FlowMass International
Centrifugal Pump Test Set-upD.K. Scientific
Reciprocating Pump Test RingD.K. Scientific

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