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Faculty Research Profile

Faculty Research Profile



Research Interests



Sutapa Roy Ramanan

(Ph.D., Jadavpur University)

Senior Professor

Nano-biomaterials for labeling and drug deliveryElectroceramic nano powders, Thermal interface materials for electronic packaging, thin films for optical and electronic applications, Corrosion Engineering

Advanced Heat Transfer

Srinivas Krishnaswamy

(Ph.D., University of London)


Process Engineering / Process Intensification with emphasis on addressing techno-commercialchallenges posed in developing practical cost-effective energy efficient and environment friendly systems


Saroj S. Baral(Ph.D., NIT Rourkela)


Adsorptive removal of heavy metal from waste water Extraction and purification of metals from ores and industrial waste, Biogas Production from different waste by Anaerobic digestion and Control Engineering

Sampatrao D. Manjare

(Ph.D., BITS Pilani)


Life Cycle Assessment studies of the process plant, environmental management systems, separation processes, recovery of resources from waste materials and development of fillers for rubber compounds

Manjuri Kumar

(Ph.D., BITS Pilani)

Associate Professor

Design, synthesis and characterization of novel copper and zinc complexes using different chelating ligands. Biological studies: DNA binding, DNA cleavage studies using metal complexes, protein interaction and molecular docking using Human serum albumin, cytotoxicity studies and anticancer activity of metal complexes on cancerous and noncancerous cell lines


Sharad Sontakke

(Ph.D., IISc, Bangalore)

Associate Professor

Water and wastewater treatment, Metal organic frameworks, Catalysis, Materials engineering, Photocatalysis, Hydrogen production, CO2 capture and conversion, Waste to value added materials

Anirban Roy

(Ph.D., IIT Kharagpur)

Associate Professor

Membrane separation, Water and wastewater treatment, Thermodynamics, Water-energy nexus, Biomedical Devices

Vivek R

(Ph.D., IIT, Kharagpur)

Associate Professor

Biosurfactants, Hydrolytic enzymes for the production of reducing sugars, Fermentation of cashew apple, Biopolymers

Jegatha N. Krishnan

(Ph.D., KIST – UST S Korea)

Associate Professor

Bio-MEMS – Microfluidic separation and detection technologies, Nanomaterials for sensor applications, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology


Richa Singhal

(Ph.D., Drexel University, USA)

Associate Professor

Nanomaterials synthesis, Electrospinning, Electrochemical energy storage, Supercapacitors, Rechargeable batteries, Electrocatalysis, Renewable energy systems

Pradeep Kumar Sow

(Ph.D., IIT, Delhi)

Associate Professor

Hydrogen Energy, New diagnostic tools for understanding surface wettability, Smart materials with an active control over the wettability