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Team IFOR (Intelligent Flying Object for Reconnaissance) students Aadish Jain (2021A7PS0905U), Aditya Singhal (2021A7PS0906U), Adit Tewari (2021A3PS0915U), and J.Kanishkha (2019A7PS0072U) under the guidance of Dr.V.Kalaichelvi have been announced as winners of their research paper titled “Crime Detection using Drones and Artificial Intelligence” on March 7, 2023 for the World Police Summit -Expert hub organized by Dubai Police from 7th to 9th 2023. The Theme of the event was to Validate ideas, and Ideate a solution that is up to market standards. 12 teams were shortlisted for the finals and out of which Team IFOR was declared WINNERS. The Team has proposed an innovative solution to detect crime with the help of drones and Artificial Intelligence. Their idea aims to identify suspicious behaviour, patterns, or anomalies that could be indicative of criminal activity. They have demonstrated their approach to reduce the risk to human officers and improve response times, ultimately making communities safer and helping law enforcement apprehend criminals more quickly. 

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