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Workshop for Students of Grade 9-12

Step Up Your Potential 2.0

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering hosted a Step Up Your Potential 2.0 workshop for students in Grades 9–12 on June 10, 2023. A huge number of students from various schools across the UAE participated in this free workshop. Our director, Prof. Srinivasan Madapusi, inaugurated the workshop, which was organized and convened by Dr. R. Swarnalatha, Deputy HoD. A brief introduction of the department was provided by Dr. V. Kalaichelvi, HoD.
During session 1, the students had the opportunity to experience thoughtfully conceptualized two hands-on events: an automatic lightening system using LDR and working with single-phase transformers. During session 2, EEE’s techno booth provided the students with a live demonstration of 3D printers, AC/DC motors and generators, satellite communication devices, transducers, robots, and drones. The practical applications and instructional strategies were much valued by the attendees.
Our professors, Dr. Sunil Thomas, Dr. Shazia Hasan, Dr. R. Swarnalatha, Dr. V. Kalaichelvi, Dr. Vilas Gaidhane, and Dr. Abdul Rajak, led both sessions with assistance from our lab instructors, Mr. Hidayathulla, Mr. Chelladurai, and Mr. Ashwani. Special thanks to Sulaiman, Irfaan, Gopika, Nausheen, Bhavadev, Anas Dalvi, Shilpa Kumar, Sanchit, and Anjali, the student volunteers.
It was inspiring to see young minds interested in STEM. Several images from the workshop are below:


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