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  • April 10, 2014 To April 10, 2014

  • Seminars

  • Online

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

The Social Costs of Ethical Journalism

Abstract: Providing reliable and verified information for dissemination through media is an important responsibility of Journalism. There are however innumerable blocks that a journalist has to encounter before resolving ethical dilemmas. Blocks include self-censorship, corporate control of press, state co-option of media practitioners, etc. Succumbing to these blocks can hamper dissemination of truthful information that is needed for social, economic, ecological and political life of society. It takes huge social costs to uphold the ethical practice of fearless journalism. This presentation outlines the social costs involved in defending and maintaining ethical standards of journalism in Goa which the presenter will account from his personal experience from 1991 onwards. The presentation will cover the state’s attempt to muzzle the freedom of expression: when the Goa Legislative Assembly labelled his writings to be ‘naxalite writings’ – by the then Leader of the Opposition, and corporate attempts to silence free speech through a SLAPP litigation against him in the Calcutta High Court in 2009.