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Team IFOR workshop: Introduction to RObotics

On October 9, 2023, Team IFOR under the guidance of Dr.V.Kalaichelvi held their second workshop in LAB 332 from 2P.M to 3.30P.M GST. We were privileged to host Dr. Abhilasha Singh as our Resource Person and she completed her Ph.D in the field of Robotics and Computer Vision from EEE deparment,BPDC. Currently, she is pursuing her Postdoc at RIT Dubai. The hands-on workshop started with basics of ROS, then publisher, subscriber and Turtlebotsim. Such workshops provide invaluable opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning from distinguished experts in the field.

IOT workshop for Young Innovators

Real-time Visualization of Digital Humidity & Temperature (DHT) Sensor Data via Adafruit IO