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  • July 10, 2021 To July 11, 2021

  • Workshop

  • Offline

  • Mathematics

International Workshop on Recent Advancements in Data Envelopment Analysis and Applications


Aims and Objective of the Workshop

  • To provide a healthy balance between theory and hands-on applications of DEA.
  • To bring the top experts and young researchers on one platform, where they can clarify their doubts.
  • To popularize DEA among the research community.
  • To encourage beginners (UG/PG/PhD students) for work in this area.
  • To promote the study and discussions on recent developments in DEA.
  • To discuss new avenues and applications of DEA in day to day problems of life.

About Data Envelopment Analysis

Performance/efficiency is a management concept with a long history, running from scientific management to business process reengineering. Out of several performance measurement techniques in the literature, DEA has been one of the most used multi-criteria decision-making technique to assess non-profit organization’s performance. Farell (1957) introduced a concept of calculating the relative efficiency of the decision-making units (DMUs) by considering single input and a single output. Charnes-Cooper-Roads (1978) extended the notion of Farell and proposed the first DEA model, which was named as CCR DEA model. The paper was one of the most cited (38692 till date) articles in the history of Operations Research. Mathematically, DEA is linear programming (LP)-based methodology for evaluating the relative performance of a set of DMUs with multi-inputs and multi-outputs. Over the past decades, DEA has gained popularity in several fields covering economics, logistics, engineering, management, etc.

About Department of Mathematics, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

The department was established in 1944 as a part of, then existing Birla Science College, which was incorporated in the BITS Pilani in 1964. Since then the department has come a long way and presently stood in the bracket (451-500) of world top universities and ranked as 13 in India by QS. The department offers opportunities for the education and research in a wide spectrum of areas in Mathematics such as: Algebra and Analysis, Differential Equations and their applications, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematical Modeling, Fluid Dynamics, Fuzzy Logic, Fractional Calculus, Cosmology, etc. For more details, please visit: