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Interface 2019

Interface is a pan India management fest organized by the institute and is the legacy event of the Department of Management, BITS Pilani. The fest has a long history and tradition of attracting and enthralling management students from top B-schools across the country. Interface is a 2-day extravaganza combining academic vigor and outright fun! Participation from the scores of go-getters and brilliant minds from across the country as well as our exceptionally talented on-campus students makes this event a highly vibrant platform to showcase the creativity of students. With active participation from intelligentsia of the country, prominent industry leaders and students from top B-schools, generally this event witnesses a footfall of over 4000 participants.This year we are organizing the 42nd edition of Interface on 2-3 March 2019.

Through Interface’19 we take a leap towards knowing the unknown by shrugging away the settled and by embracing the omnipresent force that has pushed mankind over the years to transcend – “Curiosity”. Mankind wouldn’t have evolved over the years if this element of curiosity had not been present. The idea is to do away with the conventional norms and diversify our thoughts which have been the basis for change since generations. This idea is not to accept what has been followed, but to contemplate the pros and cons of any proposal. We carry this idea forward in order to break the complacency in the field of business through Interface’19 with the theme “Kindle the Curious".

The events conducted as per this theme are related to all major fields of management- Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR. The events are designed towards testing the participants on different aspects of management concepts and their applications such as case study competitions, virtual stock trading, business plan presentations, etc. The events also showcase critical reasoning and decision-making skills by finding the best possible solution to real-life scenarios provided. In addition to these events, we also invite guests from the industry for talks and short workshops to share their experiences and the needs of the industry.