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  • November 2, 2017

  • Seminars

  • Online

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • speaker

Prof. Moinak Biswas

Professor, Dept. of Film Studies, Jadavpur University

 Feeling beyond the Person: Affect in Cinema

Abstract: The lecture explores the potential of cinema to go beyond the person in creating emotions. The dominant mode of filmmaking and film viewing everywhere privilege the person so far as consciousness and emotions are concerned. We think and feel through individual characters. But some of the most powerful moments in cinema have been created around what Indian aesthetic philosophers call ‘ownerless emotion’, emotions that do not depend on the individual but seem to belong to the space, to an ‘akasha’ or ‘sky’. The lecture will use examples from Indian cinema and introduce concepts from Indian aesthetic theory and the film philosophy of Gilles Deleuze to explain such alternative ways of creating emotions.