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Team ACMBITS from Bits Pilani - Dubai Campus has won third place at the Emirates Robotics Competition  held at RIT Dubai in association with Dubai Future Labs and Khalifa University on 2 March 2023. The team consisted of Mohamed Firas Adil (2021A7PS0116U), Kayan Irani (2021A7PS0192U), Anurag Kumar Jha (2020A7PS0128U) and Dhruv Jain (2019A7PS0260U) under the guidance of Dr.Vilas Gaidhane. The team worked on the navigation challenge, where they built an Autonomous Mobile Robot (A Small Vehicle) which was able to navigate through the track while following traffic rules such as signals, speed humps, and zebra crossing as well as avoiding obstacles on the track. The team has been awarded 2500 AED and a 11000 AED scholarship for the postgraduate program

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