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  • March 25, 2023

  • Student Activities

  • BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

  • Dubai

Earth Hour 2023

On 25th March 2023, M.A.D Club celebrated Earth Hour to raise awareness about environmental conservation and climate change. The central focus of the event was the symbolic act of turning off all non-essential lights. The lights of all the hostel blocks as well as the main campus were turned off and all the students gathered in front of the main campus for one hour. All the attendees lit up candles and sat together to enjoy the peace associated with the darkness. Some of the participants brought musical instruments like the guitar and played music while the others sang along. The Earth Hour event served as a powerful symbol of global unity and commitment to addressing environmental challenges. The act of turning off lights for one hour underscored the significance of collective action in the fight against climate change. It emphasized the urgent need for energy conservation and sustainable practices


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