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Discovering One’s Identity after Personal Encounters with the Divine in Three Amar Chitra Katha Comics and some Biblical Parallels

Abstract: This paper examines three stories in the Amar Chitra Katha comic series where the main character discovers his/ her identity after deep personal encounters with The Divine. In the comic book Mirabai, Mira develops a love relationship with her Divine Lord and this sets her free from the bonds of fear and convention. In The Gita, Arjuna faces a choice between his duty and his love for his extended family. Right on the battlefield of Kurukshetra he has a powerful encounter with the divine manifestation of Krishna. This encounter changes his whole outlook on life and who he is. In Chokha Mela, Chokha is despised and humiliated by society because of his caste status. However, when he encounters The Divine, he realizes his true dignity and how precious he is to The Lord. This paper discusses the nature of these faith-encounters and points to some parallels in Biblical literature.