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  • October 18, 2023 To October 20, 2023

  • Conferences

  • BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus

  • Offline / Online

  • Computer Science

Computational Intelligence and Network Systems(CINS 2023)

The recently concluded International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Network Systems (CINS 2023) held at the BITS Pilani Dubai Campus organized by the Department of Computer Science marked a remarkable juncture in the world of technology and research. The event spanned three intellectually stimulating days, from 18th to 20th October 2023, and brought together a diverse community of tech enthusiasts, researchers, and visionaries. CINS 2023 showcased the latest advances in computational intelligence and network systems, exploring innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. At the helm of the CINS 2023, Dr. Vijayakumar. B, the Head of the Computer Science Department at BITS Pilani, Dubai, UAE, led the conference as the Program Chair. Collaborating in this role were the Program Co-chairs: Dr. Raja Muthalagu, Dr. Tamizharasan Periyasamy, Dr. Pranav M. Pawar, and Dr. Elakkiya R, all from Dept. of CS, BITS Pilani, Dubai, UAE. Together, this dedicated team orchestrated the conference's agenda, ensuring a diverse and engaging program that encapsulated the latest advancements in computational intelligence and network systems. Their leadership and collaborative efforts were instrumental in making CINS 2023 a resounding success, fostering an environment ripe for insightful discussions and groundbreaking research. Our Conference theme “Seamless Computing for Next Generation” set the stage for thoughtful discussions, groundbreaking research, and collaborative efforts that unfolded during those three days. We were there to address current challenges, identify future opportunities, and collectively drive the progress of computational intelligence and network systems. The pioneering conference witnessed a remarkable response, with 130 full papers submitted for consideration. The rigorous selection process, involving 89 potential reviewers and an editorial board of respective proceedings, made each paper undergo three reviews. It led to an outstanding program that reflected the highest standards of quality and innovation, with a 30% acceptance ratio. Our chosen publication venues, including CCIS Proceedings Springer, AAP Proceedings, Taylor & Francis, and Journal of Autonomous Intelligence, Frontiers, ensured that the research reached a global audience. All the publications were Scopus indexed, and amongst them, the Frontiers Journal was in Web of Science. We were proud to showcase 41 research papers that represented the pinnacle of academic excellence