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Team IFOR of BPDC conducted a “Ardubotics Workshop” on Oct 15 2022. The faculty In-charge of Team IFOR Dr.V.Kalaichelvi started the workshop by introducing the founder of Team IFOR, achievements from Team IFOR students, and ongoing projects. The attendees learnt the basics of Arduino, TinkerCad and robotics. Experiments like Servo motor control, Ultrasonic sensor with buzzer and LED were explained and the participants had hardware exposure of these experiments. Based on the knowledge gained from these experiments they were able to build a robot from scratch which avoided Obstacles. About 16 participants from various disciplines attended the workshop out of which two persons were faculty from the computer science and chemical engineering department. All the participants enthusiastically participated in building the robots and successfully tested them in real time. All Lab instructors from EEE department helped the students for assembling of the robot. Here are the few highlights of the workshop.

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