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Embedded Systems Lab


The lab supports research in the fields of modular robotics, real time operating systems, wireless sensor networks, IoT networks and wearables. Various ARM and PSoC based development boards are available. Design kits from TI and ATMEL are also available alongwith a wide range of sensors. Projects in this lab have been funded by DST and GAIL.

Major Equipment:



·        KEIL MCBSTM32F400 Evaluation Board


Based on  ARMv7 Cortex™-M4 processor


KEIL MCB2370 ARM Evaluation Board


Based on  ARMv4 processor

          KEIL MCBx51

Supports all operating modes of the 8051 and 251 microcontrollers

          PSoC Development Kit

Based on Cypress’s CY8C58LP high precision analog device family

          ATMEL Development Kits ATMEL AVR Dragon / ATMEL AVR XMEGA

8/16bit Microcontroller for small scale embedded system development

          TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit

Features a 225 MHz device delivering up to 1800 MIPs. High precision apps.

           TMS320C6455 DSP Starter Kit

Features 1 GHz device delivering up to 8000 MIPs. Highest performing apps

           TMS320C5510 DSP Starter Kit

Features a 200 MHz device delivering up to 400. Optimized power apps

           OMAP35x Evaluation Module TMDXEVM3503

Modular and extendable architecture, the OMAP35x EVM consists of four sub boards

           KEIL microVision IDE

For simulation and debugging programs for ARM and 8051 based micro-controllers

            Proteus Design Suite

EDA tool

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