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    About CHIMERA

    The Birth of Chimera

    The Birth of Chimera

    Chimera, BITS Dubai Biotechnology association, was inaugurated in 2010 with the hope of being more than just a college club for biotech students, rather it would act as a voice, providing the students with a  platform to grow and learn. 
    Chimera provides students with opportunities to participate in fun activities like Agar Painting , Crime Scene Investigation , Poster making Competition and many more. 
    Guest lectures and talks are held by professionals in the field which keep students updated  with recent discoveries and developments and provides them with industry exposure.
    It gives students the real feel of truly being a biotech engineer, and gives students a chance to further enhance their knowledge and skills
    Association members 2021- 2022

    Association members 2021- 2022

    The office bearers for Chimera for the academic year 2021-2022 was selected on the basis of an online survey held amongst the biotechnology students by Dr. S.Ramachandran, HoD of Biotechnology on 14 th September 2021.

    Student association members 2021 - 2022

    Ex- Officio                                          : Mr. Sufiyan Mushtaq Khot

    President                                            : Ms. Anam Zafar Kazi

    Vice President                                  : Ms. Gurusshitha Subramanian

    General Secretary                           : Ms. Joshita Pentapati

    Treasurer                                           :Ms. Sarah Yusuf

    First Year Student Representative   : Shreya Suresh