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Digital Signal Processing Lab


Digital signal processing (DSP) is the process of analyzing and modifying a signal to extract the desired information. It involves applying various mathematical and computational algorithms to analog or digital signals in order to produce a signal that's of higher quality than the original signal.

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Scope of the Lab

Real world signals (usually in analog, continuous time form) are converted into digital and discrete data. Digital Signal Processing is performed on this digital data in order to extract useful information or modify the signal to a desired form. Digital Signal Processing is convenient due to the availability of computers to process and store the data.

Courses to cater

ECE F434 & EEE F434 Digital Signal Processing (Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics)


  • Code Composer Studio
  • Matlab2020b


  • TMS320C6748 DSK Lab Trainer kit
  • DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope), 2 Channel-100MHz
  • Function Generator 2MHz

Application Areas

  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Speech Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication
  • Analog to Digital converter
  • Digital to Analog converter
  • Data Compression

Lab Equipment

TMS320C6748 DSP Trainer Kit
2Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Function Generator - 2 MHz

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