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Crafting Success: Anukriti Jaiswal’s Journey from BITS Pilani to Carnegie Mellon University

Crafting Success: Anukriti Jaiswal's Journey from BITS Pilani to Carnegie Mellon University


Anukriti Jaiswal, a BITS Pilani (Dubai, '18) graduate in BE Computer Science, is pursuing a Master's at Carnegie Mellon University. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Master's student in Software Engineering, she focuses on applying advanced technologies to solve complex problems. With prior experience as an Associate Software Development Engineer at PwC Middle East, Anukriti brings software and web development expertise to her academic pursuits.

How did BITS Pilani shape your devotion to Computer Science and inspire you to pursue it after graduation? Mention any faculty member/ members who have significantly impacted your career development.

My time at BITS Pilani made me realize that building software is what I would be interested in exploring. From the rigorous coursework to the hands-on projects, the curriculum challenged me to think critically and creatively about solving problems with code. Professors Sujala, Angel, and Nilesh were instrumental in building my foundational understanding. Their enthusiasm and ability to explain complex concepts engagingly profoundly impacted my career trajectory.

Could you share a memorable project or research experience you have undertaken at BITS? What values have you learned through this experience, and how have these qualities shaped you as an individual?

Absolutely! One of my most memorable projects at BITS was my work on Vehicle Velocity and Trajectory Prediction using Machine Learning and Neural Nets. This project challenged me to dive deep into complex algorithms and apply my knowledge to solve a real-world problem. It was unlike anything I had worked on before, and it was demanding. But, this experience taught me the importance of persistence, precision, and adaptability.

Can you discuss any extracurricular during your time at the university? How did they enhance your educational experience?

I was involved with ACM BPDC as their Secretary General for Marketing and Flummoxed-The Quiz Club as their President. As part of These clubs, I participated in multiple projects and organized several events. These activities provided a platform to develop my leadership and communication skills and helped me connect with students. Balancing academics with these commitments taught me invaluable time-management and prioritization skills.

Can you share a challenging moment or obstacle you faced at the university, and how did you overcome it?

At BITS, because I was involved in extracurricular, there were times when I struggled to deliver high-quality work in all domains. However, this experience taught me the importance of prioritization and finding a sustainable balance between my passions.

Handling multiple responsibilities tends to take a toll on a person. What do you do Apart from taxing work to de-stress? Mention any volunteering work undertaken in your leisure time.

I enjoy reading, sketching, and going to the gym to de-stress. I find it helps me clear my mind and recharge. Additionally, I’m passionate about volunteering. While at BITS, I volunteered to raise funds to educate the girl child in West Bengal and was one of the highest fundraisers that year. Giving back to the community provides a sense of purpose and helps me maintain perspective.

Tell us about what you study at Carnegie Mellon University. What have you learned from BITS Pilani that has allowed you to evolve and excel?

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. I think BITS helped me multi-task and provided me with a solid technical foundation and a problem-solving mindset. This has enabled me to approach complex coursework at CMU with confidence.

What advice would you give to current engineering students at BITS Pilani to make the most out of their time there?

The advice I would give is to embrace the spirit of curiosity and hard work. Actively seek out projects and internships that align with your interests. Build meaningful relationships with your professors and peers, as these connections will benefit you long after graduation. And importantly, don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and explore diverse opportunities.