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Coursing through the financial sector with Brilliance: Laura Evelyn Anesly’s Journey from Computer Science to Finance

Coursing through the financial sector with Brilliance: Laura Evelyn Anesly’s Journey from Computer Science to Finance 


In an ever-evolving landscape of professional achievement, Laura Evelyn Anesly, an illustrious alumna of BITS Pilani (Dubai, 20s), shines as a beacon of success, seamlessly transitioning from a background in STEM to a thriving career in the dynamic world of banking. As an Account Services Senior Associate at Tanfeeth Emirates NBD, her journey reflects not only a personal commitment to growth but also the invaluable contributions she has made to the financial sector. Delving into her intriguing trajectory, we explore the factors that drew her towards the financial sector, the skills cultivated at BITS Pilani that proved vital to her current role, and the multitude of certifications and accolades that prove her brilliance in her professional journey.

Embarking on a journey from Computer Science at BITS to the world of banking, Laura underscores the allure of substantial growth and career prospects within a fast-paced environment in the financial sector. She thrives on challenges, considering them as platforms to test and strengthen her mental acuity, showcasing exceptional skills crucial for organizational contributions. The continuous evolution of the finance industry, coupled with technological advancements, provides her with vital learning and development opportunities.

Her background in computer engineering seamlessly aligns with the financial sector, enabling her to leverage technical expertise in a non-technical setting. At BITS, she honed self-developed skills, fostering adaptability and the ability to acquire knowledge independently. This proactive approach has effortlessly translated into her current role at Emirates NBD, where the cross-functional nature of the financial sector demands a versatile skill set. The self-driven ethos developed during her time at BITS played a pivotal role in her professional growth, allowing her to excel in a challenging and evolving role.

Her journey includes obtaining the Google IT Professional Specialized Certificate during her final year in college, opening doors to job opportunities and fueling her desire to enhance her skill set. Recognizing the pivotal role of independent skill development, she pursued the ISTQB certification in software testing during her career's initial phase. This strategic decision aimed at equipping herself with leadership responsibilities and contributing to quality assurance processes within the banking sector. The knowledge gained from this certification has been instrumental in her professional growth.

Acknowledged with the Star Player Award for the year 2023, Laura attributes her success to contributions to various responsibilities and her role in the success of quarterly meetings at Emirates NBD. She firmly believes that establishing a distinct identity within the workplace goes beyond fulfilling job description duties. This commitment played a pivotal role in being acknowledged and rewarded with the Star Player Award, emphasizing the importance of making oneself visible through work and effort.

Laura underscores the significance of clear and effective communication skills, cultural competence, and resilience for young graduates entering the workforce. She encourages maintaining a positive attitude and emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and seizing every opportunity. Her advice echoes the sentiment that these soft skills are essential in the current age for young adults.

Reflecting on her time at BITS Pilani, the most impactful lesson for Laura is about seizing opportunities and establishing a distinct identity, even in the face of setbacks. She shares a personal experience of not being selected for the dance team at BITS but turning disappointment into an opportunity by forming a dance team named "STRANGERS," securing second place, and earning the title of Best Dancer. This experience reinforced her belief in the power of initiative, resilience, and the ability to shape one's path despite initial setbacks.

Laura Evelyn Anesly offers invaluable advice to current BITS Pilani students, emphasizing a growth mindset, diverse skill development, meaningful connections through networking, maintaining a healthy balance, and fostering resilience. She encourages a positive attitude towards both professional and personal challenges, emphasizing the uniqueness of every journey. "Believe you can, and you're halfway there" - Her advice serves as a guiding light for students as they embark on their academic and professional journeys.