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Research Lab

 Concrete & structures Lab

In the Concrete & Structures Lab, the future engineers master the intricacies of construction materials, examining their properties and behavior under various conditions to ensure structural integrity and safety in engineering applications.  Equipped with advanced tools, this lab is at the forefront of sustainable material research and structural health monitoring, shaping the future of resilient and eco-friendly construction in the UAE.

  • Servopulser 100 kN Dynamic UTM
  • Shake Table II – Quanser
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Ground Penetrating Radar - GSSI Structure scan mini
  • Half Cell Potential Equipment - CORMAP 1
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity equipment- PUNDIT PL 200E
  • Vee Bee Consistometer
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Blaine air permeability apparatus
  • Vicat apparatus
  • Le-Chatelier Apparatus
  • Compaction factor apparatus
  • Rebound hammer
  • Le-Chatelier Flask
  • Many more…

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